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Black Lodge Ceremony

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Black Lodge

Wind Daughter brought forth the Black Lodge with her Panther Medicine, as the manifestation of a vision. 

Black is a sacred color, often representing the West.  Black is the color of the Night Sky, with stars and lightning streaking across it.  The Black Lodge is a re-birthing sanctuary for prayer and healing, sacred to Wind Daughter's teachings.

"The Black Lodge came to me in a vision many years ago. On her skirt I painted the symbols of stars, moon, wind, water and lightening. She is very old. Remember the movie, "Dances with Wolves?"  This was the lodge that belonged to the arrow maker in that movie. At that time, she was a regular canvas color. He fell on hard times and had to sell it. A boy scout group bought it and used it for many years. When they put her up for sale, I rescued her. She was deep in the woods, dirty and unloved.  Spirit guided me with a vision, as you see her today. Many hundreds of people have experienced healing in her as part of the medicine that she brings. I am truly blessed to have her." 

   -  Wind Daughter

(Photographs and recordings are not allowed during this Ceremony. It is necessary to ask first before, taking photos or making recordings.

There never is a charge for Ceremony.)  

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Raising the Black Lodge

at the Pipe Carriers Dance

- New York, August 2018

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