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Drum Making

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Making Personal Drums

The Drum is the Heartbeat of Mother Earth and life itself. It calls Great Spirit, Creator of us all to breathe life into ourselves and our Ceremonies. We live the first nine months of life in the womb of our own mothers which sets the pattern of our existence. So the Drum beat brings us back to that space of security and spiritual wonderment.

It is wonderful to have your own Drum, especially to craft your own Drum. It tunes your Soul with Good Medicine. When you feel the beats of the Drum, they hit the Soul in rhythmic resonance with all of Creation. It adds Light to your Spirit.

Join Wind Daughter in a Drum Making Workshop to make a Drum of animal hide. The animals have given their lives for your Drum, so they can live on in a sacred manner. They are stretched and tied, as a prayer is made in gratitude for their spiritual gift-giving to your Drum. When the Drum is completed, Wind Daughter conducts a Birthing Ceremony for your Drum to connect it to your Spirit. Over time, your Drum will bring you much joy and healing.

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