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Stone Peoples Lodge
(Sweat Lodge)

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Stone Peoples Lodge

(sweat lodge)

The Stone Peoples Lodge  is a heated, dome-shaped structure used by indigenous peoples and earth-centered peoples of today, as a purification rite to promote healthy living.

The Stone Peoples Lodge is a very Sacred Ceremony, one of cleansing and renewal. The Ceremony is conducted to cleanse the  body, mind, heart and spirit. By sweat and prayer, one can be cleansed of toxins, the mind of confusion, the heart of painful emotions and to heighten the spirit. This brings one into right relationship with all Creation.


The Lodge is made of saplings, covered with blankets and tarps. The intense heat is generated  by steam created from the pouring of water onto heated rocks. It is meant to encourage the release of negative energy that creates imbalances in life. It is a way to connect spiritually with the Earth Mother and Great Spirit. So in this way, the Lodge Ceremony is Medicine for the Soul.

This is such an ancient and Sacred Ceremony, so respect is given to the teachers who conduct this ceremony following their tradition and guidelines. Moon Women (women who are menstruating) do not participate in the traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony. They are honored for the Power that they hold during this time at the Moon Lodge where they are cared for and respected.

(See Women's Gathering page)

The Stone Peoples Lodge is considered to be the womb of the Earth Mother. It is also the shell of the turtle, representing Turtle Island. The pathway leading to the altar is the neck of the Turtle and the Altar is the head which is highly regarded. We go into the Womb of the Earth Mother to be cleansed, healed and reborn again.

The mind is to be focused on the purpose and prayers, and to respect the traditions of the Lodge according to proper, dignified attire at all times. Always check with the particular tradition of the Lodge that you are attending.

When in the Lodge, full attention is given to the Medicine Leader/ Water Pourer who is conducting the Ceremony. The Medicine Leader knows the Ceremony who leads the people in it.  Some people may be asked to give a prayer or chant. There are 4 rounds done in the Lodge with breaks in between. Two songs are drummed per round. Anyone who needs to leave the Lodge can do so.

This is a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experience, all in one that will be profoundly remembered.

(Photographs and recordings are not allowed during this Ceremony. It is necessary to ask first, before taking photos or making recordings.

There never is a charge for Ceremony.)  


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